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pool COVERS in canton fair

  • We supply quality thermal Swimming Pool covers that transfer Sun’s heat to Swimming Pool Water and thus retain the heat of Swimming pool. The cover is made from 5 layers that help in efficiently retaining pool’s heat. The thin cover floats on water and can be customized as per the size and shape of your pool. Features: Reduces heat loss & Increase temperature Heat welded to any size and shape Grommet punching and Winch available Durable, Waterproof and Tear Resistant Save water, chemicals and cleaning time Ultra lightweight and easy to handle It also performs the functions of a regular pool cover: Prevents evaporation Prevents chemical loss Retains pool heat Keeps Pool clean Save money Save energy Make pool safer Easy to use Beautify and modernize your pool

  • water is important to life and pool, all is for a healthy water and pool

  • pool COVERS in canton fair

  • With all the effort of over 10 professional techinicians, Landy welcome our new color with our new pattent bubble solar pool covers. this will offer customer more choice and more beauty in their swimming pool and gardens. we sincerely hope people will like them and enjoy the pretty and health that the pool and pool cover bring to you.

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