The method to use Landy’s film sealant


The method to use Landy’s film sealant


It should be noted that after the hot-melt welding process, Landy’s film sealant should be applied in the film joints. It helps to make the joints more firmly sealed, so as to enhance waterproof ability.


The steps of using Landy’s film sealant

1. Pour the film sealant into the special bottle provided by Landy.

2. If there is residual sealant in the bottle, the bottle should be tightly sealed to prevent volatilization.

3. Apply the sealant in the film welding joint and dry it for about 30 minutes (the drying time is affected by climate, temperature and humidity).

4. In vertical welding joint, apply film sealant at the height of 20cm from the bottom. It can flow down naturally to avoid piling up sealant at the bottom.

5. The film welding joint should be clean and dry. Don’t forget to clean the bottle mouth regularly to prevent it from blocking.

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