• 1.I am very interested in your swimming pool cover. Are you born of your own?

    Our company specializes in the production of swimming pool covers and finished products.

  • 2.Can your company customize the electric swimming pool cover according to the swimming pool?

    Our company specializes in customizing the electric swimming pool cover. We can design the product according to the customer's swimming pool. After the customer confirms the production, we also provide a variety of solutions for customers to choose.

  • 3.What is the material of the automatic pool covers?

    It is Polycarbon, which is stronger than PVC and good in UV resistance.

  • 4.Do you do underwater type?

    Yes, we do both above water and underwater type, our motor grade is IP 68. Voltage is 24v Which is a very safe stage.

  • 5.How long do you make them?

    We can customize per pool sizes, we usually take 20 days to make it adter the drawing color and mateiral confirmed by customer. For standard pools, we can make it in 15 days with water proof and other QC check.

  • 6.What is the function of the auto pool covers or benefit for the pool owners?

    It can save 40%on management cost, saving heating cost, and chemical products. It bring safe , peace for your children and family pets. It stops dust, leaves, dirts, birds drops, and stop a cause for algea and bateria for your pool cleaning process.

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