Are you worried about the pool liner fading?


Are you worried about the pool liner fading?

In the last issue, we mentioned that we could use the PVC pool liner to solve the problem of tiles.

At this time, some friends may ask, is the PVC pool liner Chlorine resistant? Will it fade soon? As we all know, our swimming pool is generally disinfected with salt chloride, so the chlorine resistance test of the glue film is particularly important.

After the valid chlorine concentration of neutral sodium hypochlorite solution is prepared, the sample is completely soaked in the solution for 1 hour, and the gray sample card uses the gray sample card to evaluate the sample before and after the processing. The solid grade is divided into levels 1-5, and the PVC pool liner resistance level standard is: ≥ three. Our Landy PVC pool liner resistance can reach the highest level, it can be used with confidence! There is no need to worry about the fading of glue membranes.

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